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Who Shares Your Day and What Did They Say? This is a collection of thought-provoking quotations for each day of the year by people who share YOUR birthday!

September 30

Truman Capote, 1959.

Truman Capote, 1959. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rumi – 1207 – Poet

“Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.”

Lester Maddox – 1915 – Politician

“Honest businessmen should be protected from the unscrupulous consumer.”

Deborah Kerr – 1921 – Actress

“All successful people these days seem to be neurotic.  Perhaps we should stop being sorry for them and start being sorry for me – for being so confounded normal.”

Truman Capote – 1924 – Author (Truman Persons)

“I don’t care what anybody says about me as long as it isn’t true.”

W. S. Merwin – 1927 – Poet

“Poetry is like making a joke.  If you get one word wrong at the end of a joke, you’ve lost the whole thing.”

Elie Wiesel – 1928 – Novelist

“The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference.”

Dorothee Solle – 1929 – Theologian

“What is important is not what someone is but what he is waiting for.  Not the events of life but its possibilities.”

Angie Dickinson – 1931 – Actress

“You can’t stop the aging process.  There’s only so much oil you can put on your body.  I’ve always just tried to go with my age.  If the part requires somebody a little younger or older, I can probably get away with that.”

Cissy Houston – 1933 – Singer

“You can’t treat your voice badly and expect it to stay around.”

Johnny Mathis – 1935 – Singer

“I think there are a lot of people who really want to be famous, they really do.  I don’t.  It sorts of gets in the way of the everyday things that I do.”

Os Guinness – 1941 – Author

“Like a precious family heirloom, freedom is not just ours to enjoy, but to treasure, protect, and pass on to future generations.”

Cary Grant & Deborah Kerr

Cary Grant & Deborah Kerr (Photo credit: twm1340)

Shakti Gawain – 1948 – Author

“You create your opportunities by asking for them.”

Dale Dauten – 1950 – Businessman

“Spend enough time around success and failure, and you learn a reverence for possibility.”

Fran Drescher – 1957 – Actress

“Once you wake up and smell the coffee, it’s hard to go back to sleep.”

Trey Anastasio – 1964 – Musician

“Equality implies individuality.”

Monica Bellucci – 1964 – Actress

“I think lawyers are such incredible actors.  Can you imagine the performance they have to do every day?”

Julianna Baggott – 1969 – Novelist

“As a writer, my main objective is to tell the story urgently – as if whispering it into one ear – and to know the characters intimately.”

Jay Asher – 1975 – Writer

“I’ve always loved brainstorming with other writers, and I consider having my work critiqued a part of that brainstorming.”

Cecelia Ahern – 1981 – Novelist

“Decide where and when you want to write.  I like space, and silence is an inspiration to me.”

Kieran Culkin – 1982 – Actor

“Watching a good actor is the best way to learn.”

Lacey Chabert – 1982 – Actress

“Do what you’re passionate about.”

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September 29

Michael Servetus

Michael Servetus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Michael Servetus – 1511 – Scientist

“Nothing can be found in the intellect if previously has not been found in the senses.”

Miguel de Cervantes – 1547 – Novelist

“Never stand begging for that which you have the power to earn.”

Elizabeth Gaskell – 1810 – Novelist

“The cloud never comes from the quarter of the horizon from which we watch for it.”

Miguel de Unamuno – 1864 – Educator

“A lot of good arguments are spoiled by some fool who knows what he is talking about.”

Walther Rathenau – 1867 – Businessman

“Truth is inner harmony.”

Ludwig von Mises – 1881 – Economist

“Innovation is the whim of an elite before it becomes a need of the public.”

Gene Autry – 1907 – Singer

“Back in the Saddle Again.”

Greer Garson – 1908 – Actress

“Starting out to make money is the greatest mistake in life.  Do what you feel you have a flair for doing, and if you are good enough at it, the money will come.”

Michelangelo Antonioni – 1912 – Director

“Hollywood is like being nowhere and talking to nobody about nothing.”

Peter D. Mitchel – 1920 – Scientist

“Reason can be used only when looking critically back.”

Bum Phillips – 1923 – Coach

“The only discipline that lasts is self-discipline.”

Barbara Mertz – 1927 – Author

“Getting an idea for a book is not the problem, but you need 300 ideas – an idea a page.”

Anita Ekberg – 1931 – Actress

“The most important thing for a good marriage is to learn how to argue peaceably.”

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi – 1934 – Psychologist

“Goals transform a random walk into a chase.”

Ian McShane – 1942 – Actor

“Every actor has to love and loathe the character he plays.”

Lech Walesa – 1943 – Polish Leader

English: The Good Work Team: William Damon, Mi...

English: The Good Work Team: William Damon, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and Howard Gardner (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Words are plentiful; ideas are precious.”

Bryant Gumbel – 1948 – Entertainer

“It’s not that I dislike many people.  It’s just that I don’t like many people.”

Gwen Ifill – 1955 – Television News Reporter

“Journalists are accused of being lapdogs when they don’t ask the hard questions, but then accused of being rude when they do.  Good thing we have tough hides.”

Ann Bancroft – 1955 – Celebrity

“The best way to get most husbands to do something is to suggest that perhaps they’re too old to do it.”

Andrew Dice Clay – 1957 – Comedian

“I want to be able to make people laugh as hard as they possibly can, and I really think they need it.”

Kevin Durant – 1988 – Athlete

“With everything I do, I just try to be myself.”

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September 28

Frances Willard was an American teacher, suffr...

Frances Willard was an American teacher, suffragette, feminists, reformer and co-founder of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) in 1874 and their president from 1879 on. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Henry Fox – 1705 – British Statesman

“If Mr. Selwyn calls again, show him up; if I am alive I shall be delighted to see him; and if I am dead he would like to see me.”

Frances E. Willard – 1839 – Activist

“The world is wide, and I will not waste my life in friction when it could be turned into momentum.”

Georges Clemenceau – 1841 – French Leader

“A man’s life is interesting primarily when he has failed – I well know.  For it’s a sign that he tried to surpass himself.”

Florent Schmitt – 1870 – Composer

“When I don’t like a piece of music, I make a point of listening to it more closely.”

Avery Brundage – 1887 – Athlete

“As soon as you take money for playing sport, it isn’t sport, it’s work.”

William S. Paley – 1901 – Businessman

“White lies always introduce others of a darker complexion.”

Ed Sullivan – 1901 – Television Show Host

“If you do a good job for others, you heal yourself at the same time, because a dose of joy is a spiritual cure.  It transcends all barriers.”

Stephen Spender – 1909 – Poet

“Great poetry is always written by somebody straining to go beyond what he can do.”

Al Capp – 1909 – Cartoonist

“My work is being destroyed almost as soon as it is printed.  One day it is being read; the next day someone’s wrapping fish in it.”

Ellis Peters – 1913 – Author

“Truth can be costly, but in the end it never falls short of value for the price paid.”

Marcello Mastroianni – 1924 – Actor

“Woman is the sun, an extraordinary creature, one that makes the imagination gallop.”

Georges Clemenceau

Georges Clemenceau (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Seymour Cray – 1925 – Businessman

“The trouble with programmers is that you can never tell what a programmer is doing until it’s too late.”

Madeleine M. Kunin – 1933 – Diplomat

“A skilled worker, regardless of the job description, remains a treasure.”

Brigitte Bardot – 1934 – Actress

“Only idiots refuse to change their minds.”

Ben E. King – 1938 – Musician

“I still think my whole career was accidental.  I didn’t pursue it.  I feel like I’m cheating sometimes.”

Bruce Froemming – 1939 – Athlete

“Dieting is murder on the road.  Show me a man who travels and I’ll show you one who eats.”

Sylvia Kristel – 1952 – Actress

“I’m very glad to have something to be passionate about.  I can’t imagine a life without passion.”

Scott Adams – 1957 – Cartoonist

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.  Art is knowing which ones to keep.”

Naomi Watts – 1968 – Actress

“You have to make peace with yourself.  The key is to find the harmony in what you have.”

Hilary Duff – 1987 – Actress

“My mom always says, ‘If you don’t believe in something, you’ll lose yourself completely.'”

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September 27

English: Jacques-Bénigne Bossuet (1627 – 1704)

English: Jacques-Bénigne Bossuet (1627 – 1704) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jacques Bossuet – 1627 – Clergyman

“Only great souls know the grandeur there is in charity.”

Samuel Adams – 1722 – Revolutionary

“It does not take a majority to prevail . . . but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.”

Henri Frederic Amiel – 1821 – Philosopher

“Destiny has two ways of crushing us – by refusing our wishes and by fulfilling them.”

Myrtle Reed – 1874 – Author

“Silence and reserve will give anyone a reputation for wisdom.”

Clementine Paddleford – 1898 – Journalist

“Never grow a wishbone, daughter, where your backbone ought to be.”

William Empson – 1906 – Poet

“It seems unpleasantly refined to put things off till someone knows.”

Maurice Blanchot – 1907 – Writer

“A writer never reads his work.  For him, it is the unreadable, a secret, and he cannot remain face to face with it.  A secret, because he is separated from it.”

Albert Ellis – 1913 – Psychologist

“The best years of your life are the ones in which you decide your problems are your own.  You do not blame them on your mother, the ecology, or the president.  You realize that you control your own destiny.”

Louis Auchincloss – 1917 – Novelist

“Perfection irrates as well as it attracts, in fiction as in life.”

Jayne Meadows – 1920 – Actress

“There is only one secret.  To love what you are doing.”

Wilford Brimley – 1924 – Actor

“Well, we all are what we are, I guess you might say by an accident of birth.”

Josef Skvorecky – 1924 – Writer

“Lovers of literature will look for the remains of the golden treasure in that shipwreck on the bottom of the sea of criticism.”

Dick Schaap – 1934 – Journalist

“I think my mistakes were kind of common – leaning on clichés and adjectives in the place of clear, vivid writing.  But at least I knew how to spell, which seems to be a rarity these days.”

Don Cornelius – 1936 – Director

“It’s always a pleasure to find something that matters.”

English: ESA Astronaute Candidate Luca Parmita...

English: ESA Astronaute Candidate Luca Parmitano 2009 Deutsch: ESA Astronauten Kandidat Luca Parmitano 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Arthur Blank – 1942 – Businessman

“If something happens, you have to realize that you can’t yell at people all the time.”

Mike Schmidt – 1949 – Athlete

“Any time you think you have the game conquered, the game will turn around and punch you right in the nose.”

Anne-Marie Slaughter – 1958 – Educator

“Patriotism demands the ability to feel shame as much as to feel pride.”

Shaun Cassidy – 1958 – Musician

“The propensity to do good things is a choice.”

Andy Lau – 1961 – Actor

“Don’t wait.  If it’s not right, move on.”

Irvine Welsh – 1961 – Novelist

“I enjoy the freedom of the blank page.”

Gwyneth Paltrow – 1972 – Actress

“I love being.  There’s so much wisdom in it.  You wake up in the morning and you think, Hey, isn’t it great just being?”

Luca Parmitano – 1976 – Astronaut

“So one thing that I want to do is to make people realize that astronauts in general are very normal people.  They are down to Earth, so to speak.  I know it sounds contradictive, but we are very normal people.  We are very normal people with a fantastic privilege and opportunity to do something that is extraordinary.”

Anna Camp – 1982 – Actress

“In the South, you don’t say exactly what’s going on or what’s on your mind.”

Lil Wayne – 1982 – Musician (Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr.)

“I’m an addict, I’m addicted to success.  Thankfully, there’s no rehab for success.”

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September 26

T. S. Eliot

T. S. Eliot (Photo credit: Burns Library, Boston College)

Theodore Gericault – 1791 – Artist

“With the brush we merely tint, while the imagination alone produces color.”

Charles Bradlaugh – 1833 – Activist

“Without free speech no search for truth is possible . . . no discovery of truth is useful.”

T. S. Eliot – 1888 – Poet (Thomas Stearns Eliot)

“Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal.”

Martin Heidegger – 1889 – Philosopher

“The most thought-provoking thing in our thought-provoking time is that we are still not thinking.”

Robert Staughton Lynd – 1892 – Sociologist

“Knowledge is power only if man knows what facts not to bother with.”

Pope Paul VI – 1897 – Clergyman

“Those who have everything given to them become lazy, selfish, and insensitive to the real values of life.  The very striving and hard work that we so constantly try to avoid is the major building block in the person we are today.”

George Gershwin – 1898 – Composer

“Life is a lot like jazz . . . it’s best when you improvise.”

Jack LaLanne – 1914 – Athlete

George Gershwin

George Gershwin (Photo credit: cliff1066™)

“Remember this:  your body is your slave; it works for you.”

Marty Robbins – 1925 – Musician

“Every day is a good day to be alive, whether the sun’s shining or not.”

Donna Douglas – 1933 – Actress

“I really love pets.  They’re like children.  They know if you really love them or not.  You can’t fool them.”

Jerry Weintraub – 1937 – Producer

“I think if something’s good and you believe in it, and you care about it, and you give it love and nurture it, it’s going to happen.”

Kent McCord – 1942 – Actor

“A person who cares deeply about what people need in their lives is someone I’ll never forget.”

Anne Robinson – 1944 – Celebrity

“Every mother and daughter should make time for a trip together.  It’s good for the soul.”

Bryan Ferry – 1945 – Musician

“You can never get silence anywhere nowadays, have you noticed?”

Christine Todd Whitman – 1946 – Politician

“Anyone who thinks that they are too small to make a difference has never tried to fall asleep with a mosquito in the room.”

Andrea Dworkin – 1946 – Critic

“While gossip among women is universally ridiculed as low and trivial, gossip among men, especially if it is about women, is called theory, or idea, or fact.”

Olivia Newton-John – 1948 – Musician and Singer

“To me luxury is to be at home with my daughter, and the occasional massage doesn’t hurt.”

Jane Smiley – 1949 – Writer

“A child who is protected from all controversial ideas is as vulnerable as a child who is protected from every germ.  The infection, when it comes – and it will come – may overwhelm the system, be it the immune system or the belief system.”

Linda Hamilton – 1956 – Actress

“It’s the age of information and we need to just get as informed as we can about what other things might help us live healthy lives.”

Mark Haddon – 1962 – Novelist

“From a good book, I want to be taken to the very edge.  I want a glimpse into that outer darkness.”

Anthony Shadid – 1968 – Journalist

“Journalism is always the act of the incomplete.  You get bits and pieces.”

Serena Williams – 1981 – Tennis Player

“I’m a perfectionist.  I’m pretty much insatiable.  I feel there’s so many things I can improve on.”

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September 25

Deutsch: Jean-Philippe Rameau

Deutsch: Jean-Philippe Rameau (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jean Philippe Rameau – 1683 – Composer

“Rhythm and sounds are born with syllables.”

Lu Xun – 1881 – Author

“To be suspicious is not a fault.  To be suspicious all the time without coming to a conclusion is the defect.”

Mark Rothko – 1903 – Artist

“Silence is so accurate.”

Red Smith – 1905 – Journalist

“It was an ideal day for football – too cold for the spectators and too cold for the players.”

Dimitri Shostakovich – 1906 – Composer

“A creative artist works on his next composition because he was not satisfied with his previous one.”

Robert Bresson – 1907 – Director

“An old thing becomes new if you detach it from what usually surrounds it.”

Eric Williams – 1911 – Historian

“Some things you’ll never know, and some things you’ll wish you never knew.”

Norman O. Brown – 1913 – Philosopher

“I am what is mine.  Personality is the original personal property.”

Sam Rivers – 1923 – Musician

“The great musicians are those who can reach people, who can make people feel something.”

Ronnie Barker – 1929 – Comedian

“To get a job where the only thing you have to do in your career is make people laugh – well, it’s the best job in the world.”

Barbara Walters – 1929 – Television Journalist

“Show me someone who never gossips, and I’ll show you someone who isn’t interested in people.”

Shel Silverstein – 1930 – Poet

“Never explain what you do.  It speaks for itself.  You only muddle it by talking about it.”

Michael Douglas – 1944 – Actor

“There’s nothing like a family crisis, especially a divorce, to force a person to re-evaluate his life.”

English: One of the winners in the tie for Out...

English: One of the winners in the tie for Outstanding Actress in a Musical, Catherine Zeta-Jones (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Felicity Kendal – 1946 – Actress

“I think you have to relax about aging.  What else can you do?”

Cheryl Tiegs – 1947 – Model

“It’s very important to have the right clothing to exercise in.  If you throw on an old T-shirt or sweats, it’s not inspiring for your workout.”

Anson Williams – 1949 – Actor

“‘Happy Days’ is the type of show that represents the best we can be.  It’s something warm, something tactile when life was good and life was simple.”

Mark Hamill – 1951 – Actor

“I live in a sort of insular world.  It’s mostly my family, my house, staying home and working.”

Christopher Reeve – 1952 – Actor

“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.”

Michael Madsen – 1958 – Actor

“Your children don’t have to fear you to respect you.”

Heather Locklear – 1961 – Actress

“You can’t keep changing men, so you settle for changing your lipstick.”

Marc Benioff – 1964 – Businessman

“Most of all, I discovered that in order to succeed with a product you must truly get to know your customers and build something for them.”

Will Smith – 1968 – Actor

“Money and success don’t change people; they merely amplify what is already there.”

Hal Sparks – 1969  Actor

“It’s better to waste money than it is to waste time.  You can always get more money.”

Catherine Zeta-Jones – 1969 – Actress

“Words impress me.  If a man can speak eloquently and beautifully to me, I just melt on the floor.”

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September 24

F. Scott Fitzgerald, 1937, June 4

F. Scott Fitzgerald, 1937, June 4 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Horace Walpole – 1717 – Author

“The world is a comedy to those that think, and a tragedy to those that feel.”

John Marshall – 1755 – Judge

“To listen well is as powerful a means of communication and influence as to talk well.”

Mark Hanna – 1837 – Businessman

“If we can by any method establish a relation of mutual trust between the laborer and the employer, we shall lay the foundation stone of a structure that will endure for all time.”

Florence Scovel Shinn – 1871 – Artist

“The game of life is a game of boomerangs.  Our thoughts, deeds, and words return to us sooner or later with astounding accuracy.”

Shane Leslie – 1885 – Diplomat

“It is a pledge that senility has not the last say in everything.”

Edward Bach – 1886 – Scientist

“Rest assured that whatever station of life we are placed, princely or lowly, it contains the lessons and experiences necessary at the moment for our evolution, and gives us the best advantage for the development of ourselves.”

Alan Patrick Herbert – 1890 – Novelist

“If nobody said anything unless he knew what he was talking about, a ghastly hush would descend upon the earth.”

E. Franklin Frazier – 1894 – Sociologist

“Education in the past has been too much inspiration and too little information.”

Tommy Armour – 1894 – Athlete

“Golf is an awkward set of bodily contortions designed to produce a graceful result.”

F. Scott Fitzgerald – 1896 – Author (Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald)

“The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas at the same time, and still retain the ability to function.”

Cheryl Crawford – 1901 – Actress

“My major task was to keep us solvent.”

Cao Yu – 1910 – Playwright

“For a writer, published works are like fallen flowers, but the expected new work is like a calyx waiting to blossom.”

Jim Henson – 1936 – Entertainer

“Life’s like a movie, write your own endings.  Keep believing, keep pretending.”

Photo of puppeteer Jim Henson at the 41st Emmy...

Photo of puppeteer Jim Henson at the 41st Emmy Awards. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Linda McCartney – 1941 – Photographer

“We think we want to do something and when it comes to it, we don’t.  We don’t like to commit.”

Joe Greene – 1946 – Athlete

“If you’re talking about nuclear physics, I have to defer to the next guy.  But if you’re talking about football, I don’t have to take a back seat to anyone.”

Phil Hartman – 1948 – Actor

“I’ve succeeded beyond my wildest dreams – financially and the amount of fun I have in my life.”

Alan Colmes – 1950 – Journalist

“Little did I know that the last words I would say on WNBC would be the last ones anyone would say.”

Nia Vardalos – 1962 – Actress

“You’re never too fat for a new purse.”

Robert Irvine – 1965 – Chef

“Every meal should end with something sweet.  Maybe it’s jelly on toast at breakfast, or a small piece of chocolate at dinner – but it always helps my brain bring a close to the meal.”

Kate Fleetwood – 1972 – Actress

“My guilty pleasure is reality TV, as I am really nosey.”

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September 23

Image of Victoria Woodhull

Image of Victoria Woodhull (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kublai Khan – 1215 – Chinese Statesman

“Why do you speak to me of the stones?  It is only the arch that matters to me.”

Jane Taylor – 1783 – Poet

“Who ran to help me when I fell, And would some pretty story tell, Or kiss the place to make it well?  My mother.”

Victoria Woodhull – 1838 – Activist

“I ask the rights to pursue happiness by having a voice in that government to which I am accountable.”

Robert Bosch – 1861 – Businessman

“I don’t pay good wages because I have a lot of money; I have a lot of money because I pay good wages.”

Walter Lippmann – 1889 – Journalist

“It requires wisdom to understand wisdom:  the music is nothing if the audience is deaf.”

Paul Delvaux – 1897 – Artist

“I have always wanted my colours to sing.”

Louise Berliawsky Nevelson – 1899 – Sculptor

“I think all great innovations are built on rejections.”

Jaroslav Seifert – 1901 – Poet

“If an ordinary person is silent, it may be a tactical maneuver.  If a writer is silent, he is lying.”

Mickey Rooney – 1920 – actor

“You always pass failure on your way to success.”

John Coltrane – 1926 – Musician

“You can play a shoestring if you’re sincere.”

Ray Charles – 1930 – Musician

“What is a soul?  It’s like electricity – we don’t really know what it is, but it’s a force that can light a room.”

Fujio Mitarai – 1935 – Businessman

“Diversification and globalization are the keys to the future.”

English: artist Louise Berliawsky Nevelson (fo...

English: artist Louise Berliawsky Nevelson (fourth from left) posing for a class portrait with her classmates. Louise Berliawsky Nevelson with her classmates, 1913 / unidentified photographer. Louise Nevelson papers, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Antonio Tabucchi – 1943 – Writer

“Doubts are like stains on a shirt.  I like shirts with stains, because when I’m given a shirt that’s too clean, one that’s completely white, I immediately start having doubts.”

Julio Igelesias – 1943 – Musician

“I have discipline; I look after my voice.”

Bruce Springsteen – 1949 – Musician and Singer

“Trust the art, not the artist.”

Jerry B. Jenkins – 1949 – Novelist

“As for dialogue, I think it keeps things moving to cut to the chase.”

Chi McBride – 1961 – Actor

“Teachers are out there with a very difficult job, which they pursue with tireless dedication.”

Harry Connick, Jr. – 1967 – Musician

“I’ve raised my girls in a sort of genderless fashion.  I mean, I’ll take them to get their nails done – I actually love doing that – but I also play ball with them.  As a result, my girls are tough and athletic and game for anything.”

Ani DiFranco – 1970 – Musician

“Strangers are exciting, their mystery never ends.  But, there’s nothing like looking at your own history in the faces of your friends.”

Karl Pilkington – 1972 – Actor

“People who live in a glass house have to answer the door.”

Rob James-Collier – 1976 – Actor

“If I had a comfort blanket, I wouldn’t have been as passionate and driven.”

Anthony Mackie – 1978 – Actor

“So I feel like success is opportunity plus preparation, so work begets work, and as long as you’re prepared it’s going to continue to come your way.”

Joshua Foer – 1982 – Journalist

“If you want to live a memorable life, you have to be the kind of person who remembers to remember.”

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September 22

English: British suffragist and poet Alice Meynell

English: British suffragist and poet Alice Meynell (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Philip Stanhope – 1694 – British Statesman

“Words, which are the dress of thoughts, deserve surely more care than clothes, which are only the dress of the person.”

Lord Chesterfield – 1694 – British Statesman

“Modesty is the only sure bait when you angle for praise.”

Michael Faraday – 1791 – Scientist

“The five essential entrepreneurial skills for success are concentration, discrimination, organization, innovation, and communication.”

Alice Meynell – 1847 – Poet

“Happiness is not a matter of events; it depends upon the tides of the mind.”

Maurice Barres – 1862 – Politician

“The politician is an acrobat.  He keeps his balance by saying the opposite of what he does.”

Erich von Stroheim – 1885 – Actor

“In Hollywood – in Hollywood, you’re as good as your last picture.”

Paul Muni – 1895 – Actor

“Nature’s far too subtle to repeat herself.”

Charles Brenton Huggins – 1901 – Scientist

“Nature can refuse to speak but she cannot give a wrong answer.”

David Riesman – 1909 – Sociologist

“Why, I ask, isn’t it possible that advertising as a whole is a fantastic fraud, presenting an image of America taken seriously by no one, least of all by the advertising men who create it?”

Martha Scott – 1912 – Celebrity

“Do not make the mistake of treating your dogs like humans or they will treat you like dogs.”

Arthur Lowe – 1915 – Actor

“An actor is an actor is an actor.  The less personality an actor has off stage the better.  A blank canvas on which to draw the characters he plays.”

Bob Lemon – 1920 – Athlete

“I don’t care how long you’ve been around, you’ll never see it all.”

Tommy Lasorda – 1927 – Coach

“There are three types of baseball players:  Those who make it happen, those who watch it happen, and those who wonder what happens.”

Fay Weldon – 1931 – Novelist

“Beauty is the first present nature gives to women and the first it takes away.”

David Stern – 1942 – Businessman

“Everyone knows that if you can keep on making money, everyone’s happy.”

Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr. – 1951 – Publisher

“If you don’t occasionally make a mistake, you aren’t trying hard enough.”

David Coverdale – 1951 – Musician

“What anybody else thinks about you is really  of no consequence.  It’s what you think of yourself.”

Debby Boone – 1956 – Singer and Actress

“Dreams are the seeds of change.  Nothing ever grows without a seed, and nothing ever changes without a dream.”

The Best of Andrea Bocelli: Vivere

The Best of Andrea Bocelli: Vivere (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Neil Cavuto – 1958 – Journalist

“There’s nothing wrong or evil about having a bad day.  There’s everything wrong with making others have to have it . . . with you.”

Andrea Bocelli – 1958 – Musician

“All that counts in life is intention.”

Joan Jett – 1958 – Musician

“You got nothing to lose.  You don’t lose when you lose fake friends.”

Scott Baio – 1961 – Actor

“When I was a baby, my mother tells me I never slept because I never wanted to miss anything.”

Bonnie Hunt – 1961 – Actress

“If I’ve learned one thing in life, it’s:  stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.”

Ernesto Bertarelli – 1965 – Businessman

“You can’t change who you are, but you can change what you have in your head, you can refresh what you’re thinking about, you can put some fresh air in your brain.”

Derek Sivers – 1969 – Businessman

“There are plenty of millionaires who would pay millions to hang a Van Gogh painting on the wall, but hardly one that would have ever had the crazy nut over for dinner.  They’ll say, ‘We love music!  It’s all about the music!’ – but if a musician shows up at the door, they call security.”

Erin Ries – 1979 – Businessman

“Most phenomenal startup teams create businesses that ultimately fail.  Why?  They build something that nobody wants.”

Tom Felton – 1987 – Actor

“I find it’s usually the bullies who are the most insecure.”

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September 21

Henry L. Stimson

Henry L. Stimson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

H. G. Wells – 1866 – Author (Herbert George Wells)

“If you fell down yesterday, stand up today.”

Henry L. Stimson – 1867 – Statesman

“The only way to make a man trustworthy is to trust him.”

Gustav Holst – 1874 – Musician

“Failure is the most important part of an artist’s training, and one you cannot afford to do without.”

Ethel Percy Andrus – 1884 – Activist

“We learn the inner secret of happiness when we learn to direct our inner drives, our interest and our attention to something besides ourselves.”

Luis Cernuda – 1902 – Poet

“Everything beautiful has its moment and then passes away.”

Kwame Nkrumah – 1909 – Ghanaian Statesman

“Freedom is not something that one people can bestow on another as a gift.  They claim it as their own and none can keep it from them.”

Chuck Jones – 1912 – Director

“Human beings will line up for miles to buy a bucket of catastrophes, but don’t try selling sunshine and light – you’ll go broke.”

John Kluge – 1914 – Businessman

“Go into something because you really like it, and then do it with a drive and enthusiasm so that it isn’t work.”

Bernard Williams – 1929 – Philosopher

“Man never made any material as resilient as the human spirit.”

Larry Hagman – 1931 – Actor

“Don’t you find that the more you know, the more you don’t know and can’t ever learn because there’s too much stuff out there?”

Shirley Conran – 1932 – Journalist

English: Larry Hagman attending the "Nigh...

English: Larry Hagman attending the “Night of 100 Stars” for the 82nd Academy Awards viewing party at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Beverly Hills, CA on March 7, 2010 – Photo by Glenn Francis of http://www.PacificProDigital.com (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“First things first, second things never.”

Leonard Cohen – 1934 – Musician

“Act the way you’d like to be and soon you’ll be the way you act.”

Lance Morrow – 1939 – Writer

“A rattlesnake loose in the living room tends to end all discussion of animal rights.”

Bill Kurtis – 1940 – Journalist

“Movie stars and singers never fully pass away because their images are replayed on film and recordings, over and over.”

Fannie Flagg – 1941 – Author

“Remember if people talk behind your back, it only means you’re two steps ahead.”

Jerry Bruckheimer – 1945 – Producer

“I mean if you put all your eggs in one basket, boy, and that thing blows up you’ve got a real problem.”

Stephen King – 1947 – Author

“French is the language that turns dirt into romance.”

Marsha Norman – 1947 – Dramatist

“Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.”

Bill Murray – 1950 – Actor

“People say I’m difficult and sometimes that’s a badge of honor.”

Cass Sunstein – 1954 – Lawyer

“I think it’s a very firm part of human nature that if you surround yourself with like-minded people, you’ll end up thinking more extreme versions of what you thought before.”

Nancy Travis – 1961 – Actress

“I wish my real life could be as simple and scripted as it is on television.”

Faith Hill – 1967 – Singer

“Country music is the people’s music.  It just speaks about real life and about truth and it tells things how they really are.”

Rikki Lake – 1968 – Actress and Television Talk Show Hostess

“Motherhood is the greatest thing and the hardest thing.”

Anne Burrell – 1969 – Chef

“Organizing ahead of time makes the work more enjoyable.  Chefs cut up the onions and have the ingredients lined up ahead of time and have them ready to go.  When everything is organized you can clean as you go and it makes everything so much easier and fun.”

Alfonso Ribeiro – 1971 – Actor

“If you want to be an actor, you have to do it because you love acting, not because you want to be a celebrity.”

Luke Wilson – 1971 – Actor

“The thing about being an actor is that you’re in the business of not growing up.”

Kareena Kapoor – 1980 – Actress

“Life is full of happiness and tears; be strong and have faith.”

Kevin Systrom – 1984 – Businessman

“Great products sell themselves.”

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