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Who Shares Your Day and What Did They Say? This is a collection of thought-provoking quotations for each day of the year by people who share YOUR birthday!

March 9

on March 9, 2013
Ernest Bevin

Ernest Bevin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Eddie Foy – 1856 – Actor

“No one invited you to this business.  You invited yourself.”

Gustav Stickley – 1858 – Architect

“The quiet rhythmic monotone of the wall of logs fills one with the rustic peace of a secluded nook in the woods.”

Ernest Bevin – 1881- Public Servant

“Unintelligent people always look for a scapegoat.”

Howard Aiken – 1900 – Scientist

“Don’t worry about people stealing your ideas.  If your ideas are any good, you’ll have to ram them down people’s throats.”

Luis Barragan – 1902 – Architect

“I think that the ideal space must contain elements of magic, serenity, sorcery, and mystery.”

Samuel Barber – 1910 – Composer

“I was meant to be a composer and will be I’m sure.  Don’t ask me to try to forget this unpleasant thing and go play football – please.”

Mickey Spillane – 1918 – Author

“If I need something, I’ll invent it.”

English: Carlos Ghosn at Nissan’s Honmoku Whar...

English: Carlos Ghosn at Nissan’s Honmoku Wharf, a logistics hub about 10 km southeast of Nissan’s global headquarters in Yokohama, July 16 2011. Picture by Bertel Schmitt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Herbert Gold – 1924 – Author

“Literature boils with the madcap careers of writers brought to the edge by the demands of living on their nerves, wringing out their memories and their nightmares to extract meaning, truth, beauty.”

Yuri Gagarin – 1934 – Astronaut

“I could have gone on flying through space forever.”

Mickey Gilley – 1936 – Musician

“I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I do know how to count.”

Benjamin Zander – 1939 – Musician

“You can’t lie with your body, and you can’t lie with your eyes.”

Raul Julia – 1940 – Actor

“A cigar is as good as memories that you have when you smoked it.”

John Cale – 1942 – Musician

“Time plays a role in almost every decision.  And some decisions define your attitude about time.”

Bobby Fischer -1943 – Chess Champion

“All that matters on the chessboard is good moves.”

Jef Raskin – 1943 – Scientist

“Imagine if every Thursday your shoes exploded if you tied them the usual way.  This happens to us all the time with computers, and nobody thinks of complaining.”

Robin Trower – 1945 – Musician

“It all comes down to the density of the wood.  Every guitar’s different.”

Michael Kinsley – 1951 – Journalist

“A gaffe is when a politician tells the truth.”

Carlos Ghosn – 1954 – Businessman

“Commitment.  This is my favorite word because in some way, people who are committed are always much more interesting and much more reliable, and much more, I would say, deep than people who are not.”

Martin Fry – 1958 – Musician

“I wanted a name that would put us first in the phone directory, or second if you count ABBA.”

Mark Carwardine – 1959 – Scientist

“Nothing speaks louder than an evocative photograph that stirs the imagination, tugs at the heart strings and engages the mind.”

Brian Bosworth – 1965 – Athlete

“Football is so barbaric.  Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking by playing it.  I feel almost like I escaped from boot camp.”

Emmanuel Lewis – 1971 – Actor

“I do what I believe.”

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