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Who Shares Your Day and What Did They Say? This is a collection of thought-provoking quotations for each day of the year by people who share YOUR birthday!

June 15

on June 15, 2013
English: Portrait of Rachel Donelson Jackson, ...

English: Portrait of Rachel Donelson Jackson, wife of U.S. President Andrew Jackson, by the artist Ralph E. W. Earl. Oil on canvas, 30 in. x 20 in. Circa 1830-1832. Portrait is in the collection of The Hermitage, Nashville, Tennessee. Image courtesy of the Tennessee Portrait Project. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rachel Jackson – 1767 – Wife of 7th President Andrew Jackson

“Believe me, this country (Florida) has been greatly overrated.  One acre of our fine Tennessee land is worth a thousand here.”

Erik Erikson – 1902 – Psychologist

“What was Freud’s Galapogos, what species fluttered what kinds of wings before his searching eyes?  It has often been pointed out derisively:  His creative laboratory was the neurologist’s office, the dominant species hysterical ladies.”

Saul Steinberg – 1914 – Cartoonist and Artist

“I am among the few who continue to draw after childhood is ended, continuing and perfecting childhood drawing and without the traditional interruption of academic training.”

Herbert Simon – 1916 – Mathematical Social Scientist

“Everyone designs who devises courses of action aimed at changing existing situations into preferred ones.”

Morris K. Udall – 1922 – Congressman

English: Mario Cuomo giving a speech

English: Mario Cuomo giving a speech (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Lord, give us the wisdom to utter words that are gentle and tender, for tomorrow we may have to eat them.”

Mario Cuomo – 1932 – Governor of New York

“You campaign in poetry.  You govern in prose.”

Waylon Jennings – 1937 – Country Music Singer and Musician

“Don’t ever try and be like anybody else and don’t be afraid to take risks.”

Karen Morrell – 1954 – Educator and Author

“Win from within.”

Helen Hunt – 1963 – Actress

“I think that all of us are 5-year-olds and we don’t want to be embarrassed in the schoolyard.”

Courtney Cox – 1964 – Actress

“A lot of my humor comes from anger.  It’s like, you’re not gonna pull one over on me – which is pretty much my motto always.”

Ice Cube – 1969 – Songwriter, Actor, and Director (O’Shea Jackson)

“I think the worst thing you can do about a situation is nothing.”

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