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July 3

on July 3, 2013
Portrait recadré de Giorgio Vasari

Portrait recadré de Giorgio Vasari (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Giorgio Vasari – 1511 – Artist

“Men of genius sometimes accomplish most when they work the least, for they are thinking out inventions and forming in their minds the perfect idea that they subsequently express with their hands.”

Edward Young – 1683 – Poet

“Those who build beneath the stars build too low.”

George Leonard – 1729 – Lawyer

“Competition is the spice of sports; but if you make spice the whole meal you’ll be sick.”

Sidney Webb – 1859 – Scientist

“The inevitability of gradualness cannot fail to be appreciated.”

Charlotte Perkins Gilman – 1860 – Writer

“To swallow and follow, whether old doctrine or new propaganda, is a weakness still dominating the human mind.”

English: Charlotte Perkins Gilman

English: Charlotte Perkins Gilman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Franz Kafka – 1883 – Novelist

“By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it.  The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired.”

Ernst Fischer – 1899 – Writer

“As machines become more and more efficient and perfect, so it will become clear that imperfection is the greatness of man.”

John Mason Brown – 1900 – Critic

“A good conversationalist is not one who remembers what was said, but says what someone wants to remember.”

M. R. K. Fisher – 1908 – Writer

“Probably one of the most private things in the world is an egg until it is broken.”

Earl Butz – 1909 – Public Servant

“The difference was you worked for Nixon, and with Ford.”

Dorothy Kilgallen – 1913 – Actress

“I think sometimes it is more important to be gracious than to win.”

Jack Schmitt – 1935 – Astronaut

“It’s like trying to describe what you feel when you’re standing on the rim of the Grand Canyon or remembering your first love or the birth of your first child.  You have to be there to really know what it’s like.”

Tom Stoppard – 1937 – Dramatist

“A healthy attitude is contagious but don’t wait to catch it from others.  Be a carrier.”

Gloria Allred – 1941 – Lawyer

“The more I know about men the more I like dogs.”

Betty Buckley – 1947 – Actress

“I was hugely relieved to discover there was a purpose for girls with loud voices.”

Dave Barry – 1947 – Journalist

“You can only be young once.  But you can always be immature.”

Elizabeth Edwards – 1949 – Lawyer

“Resilience is accepting your new reality, even if it’s less good than the one you had before.”

Julie Burchill – 1959 – Journalist

“Gluttony and idleness are two of life’s great joys, but they are not honourable.”

Tom Cruise – 1962 – Actor

“Talk is overrated as a means of settling disputes.”

Joanne Harris – 1964 – Author

“A little tantrum in real life seems so much bigger online.”

Sandra Lee – 1966 – Author

“Give yourself permission to get the most out of your life.”

Kevin Hart – 1980 – Actor

“I think if someone gets kicked in the face it is their fault – they watched the foot come towards their face.”

Olivia Munn – 1980 – Actress

“Everyone’s so timid and afraid to insult anybody, but in the end, it’s like we’re all trying to please everyone.  In the end, we please no one.”

Sebastian Vettel – 1987 – Driver

“Sometimes you need to press pause to let everything sink in.”

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