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Who Shares Your Day and What Did They Say? This is a collection of thought-provoking quotations for each day of the year by people who share YOUR birthday!

November 18

on November 18, 2013
English: Elizabeth Meriwether-Gilmer (Dorothy ...

English: Elizabeth Meriwether-Gilmer (Dorothy Dix) as a young woman in her early 30s (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pierre Bayle – 1647 – Philosopher

“Properly speaking, history is nothing but the crimes and misfortunes of the human race.”

Carl Maria von Weber – 1786 – Composer

“What love is to man, music is to the arts and to mankind.”

Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre – 1787 – Artist

“I have seized the light.  I have arrested its flight.”

Sojourner Truth – 1787 – Activist

“Truth is powerful and it prevails.”

Cesare Lombroso – 1835 – Psychologist

“Genius is one of the many forms of insanity.”

Clarence Day – 1874 – Author

“Information’s pretty thin stuff unless mixed with experience.”

Jacques Maritain – 1882 – Philosopher

“Gratitude is the most exquisite form of courtesy.”

Dorothy Dix – 1887 – Journalist (Elizabeth Meriwether-Gilmer)

“I have learned to live each day as it comes, and not to borrow trouble by dreading tomorrow.  It is the dark menace of the future that makes cowards of us.”

Frances Marion – 1888 – Writer

“Do we really know anybody?  Who does not wear one face to hide another?”

George Horace Gallup, founder of the Gallup polls.

George Horace Gallup, founder of the Gallup polls. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Howard Thurman – 1900 – Educator

“There is something in every one of you that waits and listens for the sound of the genuine in yourself.  It is the only true guide you will ever have.  And if you cannot hear it, you will all of your life spend your days on the ends of strings that somebody else pulls.”

George Gallup – 1901 – Businessman

“Polling is merely an instrument for gauging public opinion.  When a president or any other leader pays attention to poll results, he is, in effect, paying attention to the views of the people.  Any other interpretation is nonsense.”

Alec Issigonis – 1906 – Designer

“I feel very, very proud that so many people have copied me.”

Compay Segundo – 1907 – Musician

“As far as pleasures, you’ve got to have limits.  You shouldn’t have too much of good things, so you’ll always have a desire for more and you won’t get bored.”

Imogene Coca – 1908 – Actress

“I never thought of myself in comedy at all . . . I loved going to the theatre and seeing people wearing beautiful clothes come down the staircase and start to dance.”

Johnny Mercer – 1909 – Musician

“Once upon a time the world was sweeter than we knew.  Everything was ours; how happy we were then, but then once upon a time never comes again.”

Alan Shepard – 1923 – Astronaut

“It’s a very sobering feeling to be up in space and realize that one’s safety factor was determined by the lowest bidder on a government contract.”

Gene Mauch – 1925 – Athlete

“You can’t lead anyone else further than you have gone yourself.”

J. G. Ballard – 1930 – Author

“Any fool can write a novel but it takes real genius to sell it.”

Hank Ballard – 1936 – Musician

“Rock ‘n’ roll is good for the soul, for the well being, for the psyche, for your everything.  I love it.”

Margaret Atwood – 1939 – Novelist

“The Eskimos had fifty-two names for snow because it was important to them:  there ought to be as many for love.”

Linda Evans – 1942 – Actress

“It doesn’t matter if I don’t succeed in something, what matters is that I learn from my mistakes.”

Wilma Mankiller – 1945 – Cherokee Stateswoman

“The secret to our success is that we never, never give up.”

Amanda Lear – 1946 – Musician

“I hate to spread rumors, but what else can one do with them?”

Sinbad – 1956 – Comedian (David Adkins)

“Don’t let people treat you like you’re stupid.  If it sounds too good to be true, it is.”

Owen Wilson – 1968 – Actor

“It’s funny how it usually works out that I end up dying.  It sort of works out, because by the time I die, I’m usually tired of working on that particular movie, so I look forward to it.”

Megyn Kelly – 1970 – Journalist

“Just because you might have a sparring match on the air doesn’t mean there’s any personal animosity.”

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