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Who Shares Your Day and What Did They Say? This is a collection of thought-provoking quotations for each day of the year by people who share YOUR birthday!

October 4

on October 4, 2013
Rutherford B. Hayes and his wife on their wedd...

Rutherford B. Hayes and his wife on their wedding day, Dec. 30, 1852 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Francesco Crispi – 1819 – Italian Politician

“The monarchy unites us; the republic divides us.”

Rutherford B. Hayes – 1822 – 19th President of the United States

“He serves his party best who serves his country best.”

Walter Rauschenbusch – 1861 – Writer

“Every generation tries to put its doctrine on a high shelf where the children can not reach it.”

Frederic Remington – 1861 – Artist

“I knew the wild riders and the vacant land were about to vanish forever . . . and the more I considered the subject, the bigger the forever loomed.  Without knowing how to do it, I began to record some facts around me, and the more I looked around the more the panorama unfolded.”

Damon Runyon – 1880 – Journalist

“You can become a winner only if you are willing to walk over the edge.”

Buster Keaton – 1895 – Actor (Joseph Frank Keaton)

“I don’t act, anyway.  The stuff is all injected as we go along.  My pictures are made without script or written directions of any kind.”

John Vincent Atanasoff – 1903 – Physicist

“To get ahead in the world you have to make a lot of noise, and maybe I didn’t make enough.”

Brendan Gill – 1914 – Critic

“Not a shred of evidence exists in favor of the idea that life is serious.”

George Sidney – 1916 – Director

“Once I make a picture, I never look at it again.”

Marv Harshman – 1917 – Coach

“Quick guys get tired; big guys don’t shrink.”

Kenichi Fukui – 1919 – Scientist

“We pray that every field of science may contribute in bringing happiness – not disaster – to human beings.”

Charlton Heston – 1923 – Actor

“The trouble with movies as a business is that it’s an art, and the trouble with movies as an art is that it’s a business.”

Alvin Toffler – 1928 – Author

“Change is not merely necessary to life – it is life.”

Leroy Van Dyke – 1929 – Musician

“Success – it’s what you do with what you’ve got.”

Buster Keaton

Buster Keaton (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Richard Rorty – 1931 – Philosopher

“There is nothing deep down inside us except what we have put there ourselves.”

Christopher Alexander – 1936 – Architect

“Drawings help people to work out intricate relationships between parts.”

Jackie Collins – 1937 – Author

“I write about real people in disguise.  If anything, my characters are toned down – the truth is much more bizarre.”

Roy Blount, Jr. – 1941 – Writer

“A good heavy book holds you down.  It’s an anchor that keeps you from getting up and having another gin and tonic.”

Anne Rice – 1941 – Author (Howard Allen O’Brien)

“To write something, you have to risk making a fool of yourself.”

Bernice Johnson Reagon – 1942 – Musician

“Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they’re supposed to help you discover who you are.”

Susan Sarandon – 1946 – Actress

“The only thing that gives me the courage to do things – because I’m a shy person – is the idea of living with myself afterward.”

Barbara Johnson – 1947 – Critic

“Patience is the ability to idle your motor when you feel like stripping the gears.”

Roy Evans – 1948 – Athlete

“Liverpool without European football is like a banquet without wine.”

Alan Rosenberg – 1950 – Actor

“Fair play doesn’t pertain in bargaining.  What matters there is leverage.”

Russell Simmons – 1957 – Businessman

“Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you.”

Chris Lowe – 1959 – Musician

“Stupidity combined with arrogance and a huge ego will get you a long way.”

Liev Schreiber – 1967 – Actor

“As soon as you know what you’re doing, you’re doing it wrong.”

Joseph P. Kennedy III – 1980 – Politician

“I believe this country was built on a simple promise:  that each of us deserves a fair shot.”

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